The Center benefits from a number of existing collaborations between a number of partners in academia and industry. Individual partners join the Center to attack certain diseases, disorders, and healthcare challenges. These partnerships are results-oriented, focused on applied research rather than theoretical or general research.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Hospital Partners

Our clinical partners bring world-class biological insights and medical expertise that allow for our innovations to set new global standards.

Industry Partners

Our industry partners ensure that our products have adoptability across platforms and assist in the development of new technology designs to create a roadmap to the next generation of computational systems to serve healthcare applications.  The center works collaboratively with the Center for Computational Biotechnology and Genomic Medicine (CCBGM).  CCBGM is an Industry – University Cooperative Research Program (I/UCRC) sponsored by the National Science Foundation (   This program encourages pre-competitive fundamental research in science, engineering, and technological by developing partnerships among industry, academia, and government.  Industry Members of the CCBGM guide the direction of Center research through active involvement and mentoring.  We have the support of industry partners that range from systems companies such as:

Ongoing University Collaborations with External Partners

The Center also benefits from existing research relationships, bringing multidisciplinary excellence in computing, genomic biology, and patient-specific individualized medicine to meet new challenges.

  • National University Hospital, Singapore
  • Mayo partners have an NSF-funded CompGen project that is building an accelerated computational genomic engine
  • An NIH-funded Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) initiative
  • An NSF Center for Computational Biotechnology and Genomic Medicine (CCBGM)
  • NIH collaboration on neurological disorders